Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luna's Puppets...

Kevin from Luna's Puppets has been really good about the time it's taking for Medium Pip to arrive. He has responded quickly (usually within a few hours, not more than one day at all) to every question that I have had about the item, and given me all of the information I have requested from him. He has been good to do business with and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another product from Luna's.

I think that the Post Office has really dropped the ball on this one. Medium Pip was sent out about 10 days ago and he still hasn't gotten here yet. Other items that I have had sent "Package Services" have arrived quicker than that from the West Coast (specifically from Penguin Magic), so it really makes me wonder what the deal with Medium Pip is. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the size of the box that he is in.

Oh well. I'm still anxiously awaiting his arrival. Hopefully now it will be soon.

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Sabaro said...

That is a Picture Of My Medium Pip Puppet Kevin Built It With Light Blue Eye's (My Request) And This is the First Medium Pip To Have These eyes And I own It. He's Built stronger then The promo Puppet. :-S