Saturday, June 12, 2010

Please Tom, Don't Go...

You are one of the premier coaches in the NCAA. Everyone that pays any attention to college basketball at all knows who you are.

You are the most beloved coach in the state of Michigan. Fans of the Spartans love you. Fans of every other team in the state respect you.

You ARE Michigan State University Basketball.

Do you really think that any of these things will be the same coaching an NBA team?? Coaches in the NBA are a dime a dozen. They aren't remembered for being great coaches, they are remembered for having great players. Does anyone really care about Phil Jackson?? Or do they care about Jordan and Kobe and Shaq??

I don't know how you can think you're unappreciated, but I read things quite often that say that you feel that way. I'm here to tell you, WE APPRECIATE YOU!!! We more than appreciate you...we love you and can't imagine Spartan Basketball without you.

I know that you'll never read this, and even if you did, it wouldn't push you in any direction at all...but know this for a fact...I'm saying what every other Spartan fan out there is thinking. We want you to stay. We have more Final Fours and more Championships in us...and we know you have them in you!!!

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