Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just a Couple of Thoughts...

Today I adjusted everything on the Bianchi. I adjusted the seat height, adjusted the angle of the handlebars, and adjusted the brakes so that they are dialed in. I really enjoy riding it. It seems like a really nice bike. I will probably end up ordering a new seat for it soon, as the one that's on it seems a bit worn out.

Also today, I mowed the lawn...and then I mowed the lawn of the house across the street. It's been for sale for a long time now, and the girl that had apparently been renting there moved out the other day. The lawn was like a jungle, and I figured nobody else was going to cut it so I just did a quick job of it. While I was doing it, a guy that lives down the street from me walked by and noticed. He came up and mentioned that the people that own the house are looking for someone to mow, and they told him they would pay him to do it but his mower is too big to fit in the backyard through the gate. Luckily, my mower fits perfectly. So he gave me the home owners phone number and told me to give them a call...because they would probably gladly pay me to keep the lawn under control. I'm thinking I might just do it, because it only took about 40 minutes of my time and I actually dont' mind mowing now that I have the new riding mower. I'm thinking if they'll pay me like $50 a month or something like that I might as well go ahead and do it. I would probably end up mowing three or four times a month over there, so that would be about $12 each time which I think is more than fair for them. But who knows, maybe I'll just ASK what he's willing to pay...who knows, maybe it will be a lot more than $50 a month!!!

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