Monday, May 31, 2010

LOST Wall Hanging...

So, I've got some stuff on the way to make what I think will be a pretty cool framed piece to go downstairs in our media room.

The first thing on the way is a picture of John Locke. It's one of those montage photos. You know, the ones that are a picture that's made up of hundreds of smaller pictures. The smaller pictures are all scenes from the series. It's an 8.5x11 inch photo, and it will be the center of the piece. This is the picture here.

Below the photo, I have some actual props from the show on the way. They are boarding passes from Oceanic Air Flight 815 with Locke's information on them. They are actual props from the show and have all the correct information about the flight and Locke's seat/section and things like that. Here's what they look like...these ones actually have Sawyer's information on them, but the ones I have coming are for John Locke.

Lastly, on the right of all of this, I have a small photograph of Terry O'Quinn, the actor who plays Locke, on the way. Not really that important, right?? Well, what if it's got his autograph on it?? Yup, it will be autographed by the actor.

I'm going to take all of these things and put them into a nice modern looking frame and hang them up in the basement. I think it will end up looking pretty cool. I was initially going to do all of this with Sawyer's things, but ended up not being able to get his boarding passes.

If it turns out pretty good, I may try to do another one or two. I'm thinking one with Dr. Jack Shephard might be pretty cool.

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