Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dropped Off the Giant at the Bike Shop...

I dropped off the Giant mountain bike that I bought the other day at the bike shop here in Jackson, On 2 Wheels. The guy there took a look at it and I explained to him what I wanted done, and he told me I can pick it up Thursday in the early afternoon.

Not bad, one day turn around at a bike shop in the early summer?? Seems like a pretty good deal to me. He told me again that the price would be about $8, unless they needed some other parts to do the fix. I told him if it was just a cable or whatever to go ahead and just install it...but if anything else was needed to contact me.

After I got my claim ticket, I looked around the shop a bit...and I found a mountain bike that I REALLY like. It caught my eye more than any of the other bikes there, and oddly enough it's actually the cheapest of the decent bikes that they sell.
It's a Trek 3700 mountain bike. It's a basic/beginner mountain bike designed for light trail riding and everyday use. Basically, it's the same thing as the Giant that I have only it's lighter and it's got some better components on it. It also looks absolutely fantastic. It runs about $300. I think if I start really enjoying riding the mountain bike, I may have to think aboug getting some money together to pick one up in a few months.

This is the Trek here, I think it's pretty sharp.

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