Friday, May 7, 2010

Recovering From Purchasing New Laptop...

So, as I posted yesterday, I bought a new laptop to replace the one that I've had for the last several years.

Also, if you've been following my blog, you may remember that I've been saving some extra money by recording purchases in my register for more than what they actually are. For instance, if something costs $21.24, I have been putting it in as $22 or $23. This has allowed me to build up an excess amount in my checking account that is basically "unaccounted" for. It's like free money. I had built that up to about $210, which is what allowed me to get the new laptop.

However, even though I had that "free" money to spend on the computer, I didn't really want to spend it. I don't really know WHAT I DO want to spend the money on, but it definitely wasn't on a computer.

So I set to work late last night going through some stuff to find and sell on Ebay. Things that I haven't been using or that I no longer needed that might be worth some value.

Well, it worked. In less than 24 hours I ended up selling $200 worth of stuff on Ebay, which basically gets me back to "even" as far as my "free" money goes. I still have the old laptop that I am going to try to sell, because it still's just the wireless that doesn't work. I'm finding that they go on Ebay for about $90 or more just for units that are good for parts, so I'm hoping to get $100 for it, which will bring me to a total of $300 worth of stuff sold...which will actually put me ahead of where I was before I bought the computer.

Good stuff.

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Doug said...

ebay is always a great idea!