Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Road Bike...

So Heather brought the Bianchi in to work, and I took it.

It's awesome. It's a 12 speed road bike with top end components...for it's time. From what I've been able to find out, it's probably from the mid 80s and it's one of the Bianchi frames that was made in Japan. Too bad it's not really Italian, right?? Apparently the Japanese versions of the Bianchi frames were actually assembled better than the Italian frames.

It's in good shape and seems to function really well. I took it to the bike shop and dropped it off to get some new tires for it, because the ones on it were shot. I had no idea that I'd end up spending $60 on tires!! But hey, if they last me a good long time I'll have a good road bike for a good price.

It's clean and in good condition, but it does have a few spots of surface rust. I'm kind of thinking at this point in time that maybe this winter I'll tear it all apart and strip the frame and have it powdercoated. That would be a pretty fun winter project for me that wouldn't be nearly as labor intensive or messy as working on a motorcycle. I'll just take the bike into the basement and get to work on it.

Oh yah, I forgot to's the PERFECT sized frame for me. I measured myself and the frame on the Bianchi is exactly the size frame that I should have. Awesome.


Doug said...

You need a like button on your blog.

Sounds like a great bike.

All this talk about bikes and excercise has gotten me into thinking of doing some myself.

Gimpdiggity said...

I just added the closes thing that I could find.

Thanks for the suggestion!!!