Saturday, May 22, 2010

Might Get a Road Bike...

Today at work I was talking about wanting to get a road bike, and one of the girls that I work with mentioned that she has a couple of nice road bikes in her basement that she doesn't use.

She got them to do a long ride on, but ended up just doing the ride on the bike she was already using and comfortable on. So they got tuned up and have just been sitting in her basement ever since.

She said she'd bring them in and let me have one of them if I wanted it. They are a Bianchi and a Nishiki. I'm right now leaning towards the Bianchi, because they are really nice bikes.

If it's in good enough condition, I probably wouldn't take it from her for free. I'd probably try to pay her some money for it...because Bianchis can be worth quite a bit of money...and I don't really know if I would feel comfortable taking it for free if it's in really good condition.

She should have them with her on Monday for me to take a look at.

If I can get a good road bike for free or cheap, then I can work on saving some money to get that Trek mountain bike I like. I would then have a road bike, a mountain bike, and a bike path bike. Cathy could use the Giant mountain bike I just got to go out on the trails with me, and she could use her Trek to ride with me on the road bike or the path bike.

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