Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alan Wake is Here...

Tonight after work I stopped by Best Buy to pick up the copy of "Alan Wake" that I had reserved a while back.

The Limited Edition of this is probably the coolest Limited Edition I've got in a while. It comes with a bonus DVD with "making of" segments, a CD with the soundtrack from the game on it, and the coolest part is a novella written by Alan Wake. I may take some time in the next couple of weeks to read the book.

I started the game pretty late at night after I picked it up. I figured a game like "Alan Wake," which is a survival horror/psychological thriller needed to be played late at night with no lights on. I was right. The game didn't disappoint at all. It's creepy, atmospheric, and has some events that make you jump out of your chair.

I played through the first episode and really wanted to keep going...but I figured since it was nearly 5 am it was time to go to sleep.

I really look forward to continuing on with the game...if the rest of it is nearly as good as the first part, I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!!

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