Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fantasy Football...

This year I haven't done much updating on my FFL teams. That's because I didn't seem to be as into it this year as I have been in the past. Not really sure why. Normally I do at least five teams and two pick 'em leagues. This year I did two teams and the pick 'em leagues.

So, as the seasons get to the playoffs soon, I figured I'd at least mention where I stand.

In the "survival pick 'em," I was out in the like fifth week. This was mainly because I forgot that there was a game that very first Thursday evening, and when I hadn't made my pick by then it automatically became a loss.

In the standard pick 'em, I'm in second place, about 25 points behind the leader. This is mainly due to my stubbornness, and the fact that I have picked the Lions to win EVERY week and put the maximum number of points on them. Let's put it this way, had I just picked the Packers and the Saints, like I would normally have done, with high points on them, I would currently be leading the league by at least 5 points. Oh well, sometimes you have to be a fan first, right??

Finally, in my two leagues...I am making the playoffs in both of them. I currently sit at 11-2 and I'm in first place going into the last week of the season in my SBN league. That league is crazy...I'm at 11-2, the guy in second is at 10-3...then we have FOUR people at 7-6 for the last two playoff spots.

In my work league, we once again had two guys quit...but that's alright. I'm at 8-5 and currently have the fourth place playoff spot locked up. I can move up to third depending on what happens this week. Oddly enough, I managed to salvage a playoff spot with that team despite going on a four game losing streak that just ended this past weekend.

So, I have some chances to get some more trophies to my's hoping for the best!!

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