Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lions Pull One Out...

...and guarantee themselves of a non-losing season for the first time in a long time.

Sure, they could still end up at 8-8, but that's a vast improvement from the 0-16 from a couple of seasons ago.

At 8-5, many people are a bit disappointed by them after a 5-0 start...but I was hoping that this season would end up at .500 or maybe a game better, so the 5-0 start excited me, but I thought it was a bit misleading.

What has happened over the last 8 games is we have seen a team that has shown it's age. They're young. They all need to mature a little bit. Stupid penalties have really hurt them, and it didn't help that Stafford hurt his finger and started throwing some pretty wobbly passes.

I'm still hopeful that they can win another game or two and MAYBE make an appearance in the post season. But what I'm really hopeful for is that they can continue to build on the success they've had this season and keep building. They're getting they just need to become good.

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