Monday, December 19, 2011

Fantasy League Updates...

So, I made the playoffs in both of my leagues.

In one, I went in as the number one seed. In the other, I went in as the number four seed.
In both games, I absolutely dominated my opponent, to punch my ticket to two Championship games!!

The game that I was the number four seed in is probably my most impressive victory that I can remember in fantasy football. It was over last year's champion in that league, and he had a 13-1 record going into the game. I sat at 9-5. That one loss he had?? To me. My five losses?? Four of them by a total of about 15 points. So my team was a lot better than my record indicated, and I knew he was beatable. And something about this week just made me think it was his time to lose again.

So next week I'll battle in two different championship games...and I'm guaranteed to add two more trophies to my Online Trophy Case!!!

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