Friday, December 2, 2011

Yearly Bonus...

I'm really anxious to find out what kind of dollar amounts they have for the year end bonuses at work this year. Even though they are trying to make some budget cuts, the money for the bonuses is always set at the beginning of the year, so they SHOULD still be fairly significant.

I'm hoping to have a BUNCH of money to take to Hawai'i with me...and I was thinking about maybe trying to get myself a new computer if I get enough. I'm thinking about going with a nice little gaming laptop, like an Alien M11 or something, but that will only be in the cards if I manage to get enough to take the amount that I want to take to Hawai'i with me.

Hopefully they'll be able to let us know a little bit about dollar amounts this coming week. They normally give them to us in the paycheck that comes right after Christmas, so we should be finding out sooner rather than later!!!

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