Monday, December 12, 2011

Yearly Bonus...Part II...

We found out what our yearly bonus is going to be this year.

I managed to get the maximum possible bonus, which means I'll get a total of $4500. Not too shabby. I was HOPING it would be a bit more, but I can't complain with what amounts about a 10% increase to my salary for the year.

Of course, after taxes it will probably come out to around $2700.

I'm planning on immediately putting $2000 of it away for the trip to Hawai'i, and then MAYBE trying to find myself something fun to spend the other couple of hundred on.

Cathy also made out pretty well. She's going to be getting $3750. I'm HOPING that she will put away about $1500 for the trip and then spend about $700 on something cool for herself, as well. That way we'd have a total of $3500 spending money for the time in Hawai'i, which would pretty much put us at the point where we could buy pretty much whatever we want and do whatever we want while we're there.

We'll also be getting a tax return in a month. I'm hoping that will be enough to cover the dog's boarding while we are gone and our small share of the extra nights worth of accommodations while we're there.

Either way, it's a pretty nice year end bonus...and I'm happy to have it coming!!!

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