Sunday, November 28, 2010


...are in order, to the 2010 Michigan State Spartan football team.

I have to say, you guys did a LOT better than I thought you would. I was hoping for an 8-4 season with a trip to a decent bowl game. But you guys gave us fans so much more. You gave us an 11-1 season with a win over a team that will probably end up in the Top 5 this coming week in Wisconsin.

You gave us thrilling comebacks that would have had you rolling over to die in years past. You gave us an overtime win over Notre Dame (with an amazing fake field goal). You gave us more than we ever expected, and we're all happy and proud that you did.

Now comes the part where you end up getting screwed though, because the BCS is about as useless of a system as you can possibly get. You're going to finish 11-1 with a Co-Big 10 Championship...but because of the fact that you lost later than Ohio State and Wisconsin, both of them will be ranked higher than you in the BCS, which means that Wisconsin will likely win the Big 10's trip to the Rose Bowl and Ohio State will get an at large bid to another BCS game, which means that you'll be blocked out of a BCS Bowl Game because of the stupid rule that only two teams from one conference get to go to a BCS game in one season.

Never mind the fact that you beat Wisconsin. Never mind the fact that the winner of the ACC is going to go to a BCS game with 2 or 3 losses (Va Tech is 10-2 and plays for the ACC Championship against 9-3 Florida State next week which means that the winner of the ACC will have either two or three losses). Never mind the fact that the winner of the Big East is going to go to a BCS game with three losses (West Virginia), four losses (UConn), or five losses (Pitt). Never mind the fact that it's looking like UConn will probably win the Big East and go to a BCS game with four losses, one of which was a 30-10 pounding by Michigan...yup, that same Michigan team that you yourselves pounded 34-17.

Never mind any of that, Michigan State Spartans. Because you can paint 2010 Big Ten Champions on your stadium next year. You can party like you deserve to go to a BCS game, because you do. But most of all...take the fact that you're probably going to get screwed and use it against whatever unfortunate team you end up getting to play in what will most likely be the Capital One Bowl. Use it, and come home with one more's all that's left for you to do.

Go State.

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