Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Good Fantasy Week, So Far...

Well, it looks like I'm going to win all five games in my five fantasy leagues this week.

Barring any Mike Vick-like 56 point performances in the game tomorrow, I've gotten every game taken care of. My smallest lead is 27 points, but in that game my opponent doesn't have anyone left to play.

In the league that I'm in first place, I lead by 27 points. He has Antonio Gates left to play tomorrow, but Gates is listed as being questionable, and most sources are saying he's not going to play. If I hang on, I'll be at 10-1 in that league and I'll wrap up a playoff spot tomorrow.

In the league that I'm in last place in I lead by 61 points and he also has Antonio Gates. That will take me to 4-7 in that league. I'll stay in 8th place, and the playoffs aren't looking very good.

In my league at work, I lead by 60 points and he has Phil Rivers to play. I really don't see Rivers putting up 60 points tomorrow, so I'll probably move to 8-3 and be sitting in third place.

In my SBN league I lead by 50 and he has Brandon Lloyd left to play. Again, I'm pretty confident that Lloyd isn't going to put up 51, so that will move me to 7-4 and I'll be in third place.

In my ESPN league, I lead by 28 points and he has nobody left to play. I still have a running back to play, Mike Tolbert from San Diego. So I'll move to 6-5 in that league, third in my division, and fifth overall.

So that puts me at 35-20 on the season, which is pretty good considering that I have the one team that's really doing not so well. If you take out my worst team, I'd be 31-13. The playoffs are looking pretty good in a couple of the leagues, and I should clinch a spot this week in one of them.

Couple all of this with the fact that I posted the second best score in the Pick'em league this week and everything went well for me this week. The only guy that had a better score than me is the guy that's in last place, so I'm not too worried about the fact that he beat me this week. The bigger deal is that I believe that I have really closed the gap on the guy leading that group. I outscored him by 14 so far this week, and I can gain even more on him tomorrow. So his lead that was looking pretty solid just a week ago has now been cut to less than 10.

A good week...

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