Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fantasy Update...

So, last week turned out to be a really good fantasy week for me.

I went 4-1 in my five leagues, and that one loss came in the final game as I watched T.O. and Cedric Benson score point after point.

I lost a few points to the leader in the Pick'Em league, but he and I both put even more distance between ourselves and the rest of the team.

The biggest difference, however, was that in our league at work we voted to lock and force losses on the two teams that have made ZERO roster changes in the last several weeks. One guy hasn't made any roster changes since week two, and the other guy hasn't made any in three weeks, and has missed making changes in five of the nine weeks of the season thus far.

Locking those teams out and erasing all of their points changed everyone's standings a little bit, and actually put me in better position than I had been in.

So my standings are now as follows:
5-4 in fourth place in my SBN league
5-4 and in sixth place in my work league, but there are four guys ahead of me at 6-3
8-1 and in first place in my first public league
3-6 and tied for last in my second public league
5-4 and in fifth place (third in my division) in my ESPN league

That puts me at 26-19 for the season through week 9. Not too bad, and things are looking up in most of those leagues. I've made some roster changes and acquired some pretty good players. Hopefully I can make a push for the playoffs in at least a few of them!!

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