Friday, November 26, 2010

New Gift for Cathy and I... early Christmas present if you will.

We have a pretty nice digital camera...but it's kind of limited because it's one of the point and shoot style ones. It's only got a 3x zoom on it and it's kind of limited for taking pictures of anything that's at any distance at all, really.

I had thought about taking it to the UFC Event and the Red Wings game, but I simply figured it wouldn't get very good photos because of how far away we were going to be.

So I started looking around for something that had a nicer optical zoom on it...which put me into the SLR style cameras.

I found this one, a GE X5, on HSN for a great price.

It's a 14.1 MP camera with a 15x optical zoom. It got great reviews on the HSN site and I found it on Amazon with some really great reviews, as well. The only difference between this photo and the camera I actually got is that the one I purchased has a dark red body.

It's not a true SLR camera, but the zoom will be nice. I think we'll still use the point and shoot for those quick photos we need to take, like of the pets and in the house, but I think this new one will be great for special occassions and trips. We'll test it out when we go to Vegas this winter, and we will definitely need to get batteries to spare for the trip to Hawai'i in 2012.

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