Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fantasy Football Updates...

So, I continue to trudge along in this fantasy football season. It hasn't been going so well, but surprisingly I'm in good position to make a few playoff runs at the midseason spot. I probably would be doing even better, but this past week I forgot to adjust my rosters. I normally do it on Saturday night right before going to bed, but we had this past Sunday off for our anniversary and I didn't even think of doing it. Oh well, it didn't hurt me too bad.

The thing it hurt me the worst in was the Pick'Em league. I went from first by a good margin to second. I'm only down by 5 points, but I'm sure that I would have not lost out on those five points if I had made my picks. I ended up not being able to pick seven of the I guess I should consider myself lucky that I stayed in second and didn't fall even farther back.

In my SBN league, I'm currently 4-4 and in fifth place. That is a league that I would have been 5-3 in had I changed my rosters last week, which would actually put me in third place.

In my TSA league, I'm 2-6 and in dead last. I simply can't seem to buy a win. I've got solid players, but it seems like every week at least two of them end up putting up a goose egg. My main problem in that league is I keep putting faith into Brett Favre, and he keeps letting me down.

In my first Yahoo public league, I'm 7-1 and in first place. Oddly enough, I have quite a few less points scored than the other Top 5 teams...but hey, wins are wins.

In my second Yahoo public league, I'm 3-5 and in 8th place. That is another league that I would probably be 4-4 in had I not forgotten to adjust my rosters. Strangely, though, almost every team in that league is I'm not really out of position to make a run for the playoffs. In fact, if I win this weekend and get some help, I could move all the way into fourth place at 4-5 because I have quite a few points scored.

In my final league, my ESPN league, I'm 4-4 and in fifth place overall. I'm one game out of first in my division and in a good spot to make a playoff run. I have to say, however, that I'm not a big fan of the ESPN league. The guy that's running it set it up so you could have 3 running backs, and with 10 teams each having three starting backs, it makes it REALLY hard to find a suitable replacement if you have a guy on a bye...and you might as well just give up if you've got two guys on byes. I would rather have that league have been a CBS league, but maybe next year.

So, after all of this...with one team in first, one team in last, and three teams somewhere in the middle, I am actually 20-20 overall after 8 weeks of football. Pretty crazy, really.

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Doug said...

In all my ESPN leagues I've always had that third spot as a WR/RB.

That way you have the option of 3 RB's or 3 WR's.

It certainly has been a crazy football year for everyone.

Good Luck, and have fun.