Monday, November 8, 2010

New Center Channel...

So, with all of the new stuff for the home theater, I decided to start looking to replace the speakers.

I hadn't planned on replacing the speakers, but the new receiver seems to just beg for some new I started looking.

I decided I would try to replace them bit by bit...and the one that would start would be the center channel. Why? It's the most important part of a surround sound system, and I think that the center channel in my current setup was the most lacking...

I started looking around on Amazon for center channels. I found a Sony that got good reviews, but then when looking at the "Other People Who Looked At This Bought" section, I noticed a speaker by a company that I know makes EXCELLENT speakers.

There was a closeout on the Klipsch C-1 Center Channel speaker. The C-1 is the 2004-2010 model speaker, and it is being replaced by the Klipsch C-10. This is a $200 speaker, and Amazon had the C-1 on clearance for $65. We have Amazon Prime, so shipping is free. So basically, I found a $200 speaker for about 66% off.

I went ahead and ordered it, and it should be here by Wednesday at the latest.

Here's the speaker right here...I will end up following this speaker up with a set of Klipsch left and right speakers. I'll be going with the Quintet III for the front left and right, and then I will end up leaving the current speakers for the rears. I don't think the rears are in need of being replaced, but the front left and rights will probably need to be replaced sooner or later. I won't be getting them right away, but sometime in the near future. This is what the Quintet IIIs look like...

Slowly but surely, I am creating a really nice home theater system. The TV is top of the line, and the receiver is a really good one. The subwoofer is great, and now I'm working on getting the speakers up to par with the rest of the system.

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