Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Good Fantasy Week...

This week in fantasy was good to me...in all but one of my leagues.

In my public league that I was in first place in, I was down by 10 going into the Monday Night game with Frank Gore. Gore got 52 yards in the first quarter, and then must've gotten hurt or something...as he didn't get another touch the entire game. So I ended up losing by 5 points...and it was to the guy that was in second, so he and I now have the same record...with him getting the nod for first place because he has more points scored. I am now 10-2 in that league.

In my other public league, I got a win and climbed to 5-7. I'm still in the playoff race in that league, because EVERYONE has a horrible record. The guy in first is only at 8-4, and everyone ahead of me is 7-5.

In my ESPN league, I also got a win and climbed to 7-5 and I'm now in second in my division, which means I am currently in a playoff spot.

In my SBN league, I picked up another win to climb to 8-4, and I'm pretty sure I locked up a playoff spot with the win. The guy in fifth has fallen to 5-7, and with the playoffs starting after two more games I can't possibly end up worse than 8-6, which means the playoffs are a lock for me right now.

In my TSA league, I got another win and pulled into a three way tie for first place at 9-3. Playoffs are locked up in that league as well.

So right now it's looking like I'll probably make the playoffs in at least three leagues, with the ESPN league still being up in the air.

That brings my yearly record to 39-21, which is good for a .650 winning percentage. Pretty solid showing considering I had a couple of weak teams to start this season. Mid-season pickups in a couple of leagues of Peyton Hillis and Dwayne Bowe have really paid off in the last few weeks.

To top all of this off, I broke 100 points for the second straight week in the Pick'em league and got my second "Best Score of the Week" award for the season. I actually passed the guy that was in first and now lead by 3 points in that league...which is great because I was down by over 20 just two weeks ago. I've got quite a bit of distance between myself and the third and fourth place players, too...

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