Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Phone...

It's about time for me to get a new phone.

I had been waiting for Verizon to get the iPhone, and they now have it. But oddly enough, now that they have it, I don't really know if I want it. I already have an iPod Touch 4G, and the iPhone is really just the same thing, only with a phone built into it. The only really cool thing about the iPhone on Verizon is you can use it as a mobile access point so when on vacation and things like that I could use my laptop or my Android Tablet as if it were connected to the internet at home.

But it seems that Verizon is adding that functionality to many of it's smartphones. So that isn't really a major selling point.

Now, I had a smartphone before, and I used it primarily for getting sports scores while I was at work. Once I got the iPod Touch, that was no longer necessary because the iPod connected to the WiFi at work and had a much prettier interface than the phone did, so I went back to just a regular phone.

I've really liked my regular phone, and I like it so much that I'm not sure I'll even upgrade to a new phone when I am able to. I have run into one problem recently with the phone, and that is the fact that it's "lock" function seems to not be working so well any more, and it's constantly making phantom calls while it's in my pocket. Luckily, I don't EVER make calls, so even when the phone makes a 53 minute call, it doesn't really have much of an impact on my monthly plan. However, it's beginning to become more and more of a hassle as it does it more and more often.

The reason that I am once again looking for a smartphone is simple. Verizon doesn't seem to have ANY phones left that don't require at least the $15 data plan. So any of the phones that you get, you have to get a data plan for them regardless. So if I have to get a data plan, I might as well get the $30 data plan and get a cool phone.

I've decided that I want a new Windows 7 Phone. They are getting pretty solid reviews and look really interesting to me. Most people are saying that they are the first real step forward in user interface in phones in a LONG time. That, and they connect to your GamerTag on Xbox Live, so the games that come on them have achievements that will add to your scores.

This is the one I'm looking at, it's an HTC 7 Trophy:

It's got good reviews and looks pretty promising. The only issue?? It won't be out for Verizon for another five or six months. They don't currently have a Windows 7 Phone, and it's supposed to be the first one.

Who knows, maybe by then there will be some other new awesome phone that I would rather have, but for now I'm leaning towards this HTC.

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Doug said...

I've actually been thinking about the same thing lately. Mostly because the service contract on my work phone expires at the end of this month and I really do not have any of those i thingys.

My boss asked if I wanted to get one of the the smart phones, which means I finally get a choice!

I've had a Blackberry forever. The only thing is, now that I can choose, I'm not so sure I will, at least right away.

With a new iphone and Droid models due out by the summer, I might just want to hold on to the one I got until then.

It's funny, after all these years of wanting to upgrade, now that I have the chance, I may put it off.