Sunday, February 20, 2011


For a long time I've wanted a REAL cowboy hat. A Stetson. Why a cowboy hat?? I really have no idea other than I thought they were kind of cool. Why a Stetson?? It was the only brand of cowboy hat that I actually knew of.

So I had told myself that while I was in Vegas I was going to look for a real deal Stetson to buy.

I found this one, a wool crushable outdoor Stetson...

It doesn't have the 4" brim that I was looking for, but it's a pretty nice looking hat. It also fits me really well. I wore it home from Vegas on the plane, and found that it does a really good job of wicking away sweat as I got hot and it did a great job of keeping my head cool.

It cost me quite a bit of money...not quite as much as some of the other Stetsons out there, but still more than most hats that I would buy.

But I'm glad I got it. I think it's awesome!! It actually goes pretty well with the style of clothes that I typically wear, which seems to be surfer gear lately, like Quiksilver stuff.

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