Saturday, October 17, 2009

Even With All The Help...

...Weis and the Irish couldn't get it done tonight against USC.

The loss drops Weis to 30-23 as head coach of the Notre Dame football team. When is it going to become obvious to everyone else in the country that:
A. Weis isn't the guy for the job
B. Notre Dame isn't a good football team
C. NBC's announcers are as big of "homers" as you can get

Weis is now o-fer in big games, and still doesn't have a single quality win to his name. They are currently 4-2...but if it weren't for a horrible decision by Michigan State's QB, they would be 3-3. If it weren't for an amazing last minute drive against Washington, they would be 2-4. And if it weren't for an EVEN MORE amazing last minute drive against Purdue, they would be 1-5.

Let's just put it this way...they have one win that wasn't a last second comeback, and that was against Nevada. Not really cream of the crop competition.

Now, on to the game tonight...on the final drive of the game, there were two absolutely horrible calls. The roughing the passer call that put Notre Dame inside the ten was ridiculous. If the linebacker hits the QB 1/8th of a second after he releases the pass, and doesn't even hit him hard, it's not a penalty. But worse than that by far was the "the pass was incomplete with one second left" call.

How many times in any game, let alone that game, do you watch as a second or so runs off the clock after an incomplete pass?? It's part of the game. It takes a fraction of a second for the clock operator to react to the refs in just about any game out there, there are SEVERAL examples of a clock ticking for a brief why does it happen to get reviewed on ONLY the final play of the game?? If we're going to review and add time, shouldn't we be doing it on EVERY incomplete pass just in case a split second manages to run off?? Basically what I'm saying is that if you're going to do something, be consistent with it. Either check the clock after every incomplete pass, or deal with the fact that there's a bit of human error in the game and reaction times aren't perfect. The play shouldn't have been reviewed, game should have been over.

As it is, it was inconsequencial anyways, as the "free" play was even more off the mark that the previous pass.

So basically here we are...different season, same results.

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