Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fantasy Football 2009...

So the 2009 Fantasy Football season is in full swing. You know it's in full swing when The League starts to have bye weeks.

So far the season has been pretty decent. I'm running five teams, all of them in Yahoo leagues. Two are standard public leagues and three are private leagues.

As of right now I'm not doing TOO bad in any of them.

In Public League #1 I am 3-0 and in second place based solely on the fact that I have scored about 10 less points than the guy in first.
In Public League #2 I am 2-1 and in fourth place.
In Private League #1 I am 2-1 and in second place. I am playing the guy in first place this week, and it's projected to be a close game.

My other two private teams are both in the same league. I set up a league and asked my dad if he wanted a team, but he never called me back so I just set up one for him just in case he wanted it. I have been managing the roster on the team because he never got back with me, so I have two teams in one league, and it's a 20 person league. Might seem a bit unethical, but I am running both teams as I would run any team...and my results aren't that great, so obviously I'm not doing anything unfair!!!

With MY team in that league I am an astounding 1-2 and in 12th place. It doesn't look like it's going to be a good season for that team.
With the OTHER team in that league I am 2-1 and currently tied for 5th.

So overall I'm not doing too horribly in any of the leagues, and there's still a lot of football to be played.

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Doug said...

Either you have waaaay toooo much time on your hands...
You are waaaay toooo competitive!

And I thought I was bad with 3 leagues...

Good luck.