Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

So today is our One Year Anniversary. We actually exchanged our anniversary gifts for each other right at the stroke of midnight, which has turned into our thing. Christmas, birthdays, whatever, we do the gifts right at midnight.

Cathy got me a bunch of magic tricks off of my wish list at Penguin. I got two decks of cards, a packet card trick, a magic coloring book, a pen trick, and a sponge ball trick. They were some of the things on my wish list that I really liked, so that was an awesome present. I really like all of the tricks, and not a single one of them is anything less than what I expected.

For Cathy I combined her anniversary gift and birthday gift into one big thing. See, her birthday is November 1, so it comes exactly one day after our anniversary.

When we were in Vegas, she saw these things that she liked at the Swarovski store. They were pendants that looked like little characters. But she didn't get one while we were there because they were a tad bit expensive. That, however, gave me all I need to know for what to get her for this gift. I found one online and ordered it. I've had it for a little while now. She really likes it though. I actually think it's pretty cool looking. It's called Erika, and it looks just like this...

This afternoon we're going out to dinner, probably just to Outback because the couple of nice places around here don't have very good fall menus. After that we'll be coming home and handing out candy for a little while. It's supposed to be pretty cold, but it looks like we'll miss the rain that we were supposed to get.

Here's to our first year together, and looking forward to many more!!!


Doug said...

Double congratulations!

And hope you have many more happy anniversaries.

Did you guys do one of those costume weddings?

Gimpdiggity said...

No, but what we did have Venetian style masks for everyone there...