Monday, October 5, 2009

Fantasy Football, Week 4...

So, I started this week with a couple of key games. First off, in one of my private leagues I was in second place and had a huge showdown with the guy in first place.

In that league, this week, I ended up scoring 97 points...which would have beaten any team in the league...except for the guy that I was playing. Bolstered by 24 points from Philip Rivers, 25 by Steve Smith of the Giants, and an INSANE 43 points from the 49ers defense, he ended up scoring a whopping 135 points. So, needless to say, he pulled himself even further ahead of my team. I fall to 2-2 in that league, which should be good for third place right now.

In one of my public leagues, I sat in a 3rd place tie with a record of 2-1 to start the week. After a strong win, I climb to 3-1, which puts me effectively in a tie for 2nd place. The two teams that were in first at 3-0 played each other, so obviously one of them had to lose which effectively forced what is now a 4 way tie for second place in that league.

In my other private league, the one that I'm managing two teams, I ended up tying with MY team, which should drop me to about 15th place. I needed Drew Brees to just throw ONE TD, or Chester Taylor to get TWO more rushing yards tonight in order for me to get a win...but it just didn't happen. With the other team I'm managing, I came away with a four point victory for a 3-1 record. That puts that team at a BIG tie for second place. Ironically enough, the only loss that the OTHER team has is one to MY team in week one. How awesome is that??

Last, but not least, is the Yahoo Public league that I was tied for first place in at 3-0. I went into the game today (Minnesota vs Green Bay) down by approximately 36.5 points. Yahoo Public leagues switched to fractional scoring a few weeks ago, hence the .5 points. I thought I was toast, but I had Minnesota's defense and Aaron Rodgers. I figured if one of those "players" got a lot of points, it would be impossible for the other to get a lot of points. Well, after the game was all done, Rodgers had managed to get me 21.96 points, and the Vikings D had come up with 15 me a win by the score of 106.96 to 106.40. Yes, I ended up winning by .56 points. Amazing. So I'm still tied for first in that league at 4-0, but I believe that I am now technically in "first overall" because I have more points scored now than the other guy at 4-0.

All in all, it wasn't a bad week. I went into the Monday Night game losing in EVERY game except for one...but after the end of the Monday Night game I was 3-1-1 for the week. Not bad, considering I was pretty sure I was going to end up 1-4 on the week.

I need Drew Brees to get back on track if I want to do ANYTHING in my one private league. His first two games were amazing, but since then he's been just average...

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