Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Strange Travelers is a HIT...

So this trick that I got is an absolutely amazing effect.

It was very easy to learn and I got it down really quickly. I have taken it to work twice now and let about 6 or 7 people witness the trick...and it's gotten the best reactions of any of the tricks that I've done so far.

People are literally baffled by it. I've gotten the best reactions out of two people, Dan and Lisa. Lisa was literally falling out of her chair, and Dan several times asked if I had some kind of evil inside of me.

I follow the Strange Travelers up with a finish from another trick that works out really well, and just makes the effect leave people speechless.

This trick so far is my absolute favorite. I'm getting better and better each time I do it, as well, which just keeps making it even more astounding.

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