Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rough Week...

In my first private league I lost, which drops me to 3-3, which should put me in 4th place. Out of eight teams. Not doing so well.

In my second private league, MY team lost to put me at 2-4 and in probably about 17th place. My other team lost, also, to drop them to 4-2, which should put me AT WORST in a tie for sixth...

In my first public league, I lost to the guy that is in first place. We were tied, so now I'm all alone in second at 5-1.

In my second public league, I won to climb to 5-1. This was against one of the two guys that I was tied for first place with. The other guy I was tied with also lost, so I am now alone in first place in that league.

So for this week my record is a whopping 1-4!!!

This means that with all my teams I am now:

So my overall record is 19-11, or a .633 winning percentage. I'm looking good with three of the teams so far, in good position to make the playoffs so far. But in those other two, I'm not so sure.

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