Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ordered Some New Tricks...and Tried Out Some Old Ones at Work...

So today I ordered a few more magic tricks. I ordered two new card tricks, another coin trick, and a mind reading trick. All of them came to a total of less than $50, and the two card tricks will be great. I also really like the coin trick, and it should be pretty easy to master.

With that said, I unveiled a couple of tricks at work today that I hadn't done. I used The Bat and The Raven on a couple of different people, and they got really good reactions. The Bat had everyone completely much so that one guy, Mike, said "I know how it works." Then Becky said "How????" To which Mike replied, "I'm pretty sure it's magic." That got a laugh out of everyone.

I also used The Raven to COMPLETELY baffle a couple of people. Both of them that I showed that to were absolutely caught off guard and had NO idea what had just happened.

Hopefully the new tricks will be here in just a few days...I'm having too much fun with this stuff!!!

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