Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not a Good Fantasy Week...

So right now it looks like I'm going to end up going 2-3 in my leagues this week. I lead in one other one, but only by 7 points and his QB is playing tomorrow, Kyle Orton, so I imagine that he'll gain more than 7 points to put me at a loss.

Luckily, one of the wins is in a league that I'm tied for first in, and it's against one of the other guys that's tied for first. So that drops him into second place, and the other guy tied for first is also getting hammered by his opponent, so the win should put me into first place all by myself in that league.

To make the week even worse, in my pick'em league, I have managed to have a better record than the other guys but my confidence points have put me into third place so far this week. Also, it looks like if everything pans out I'll have no chance of getting any higher this week. I'll still be in first overall, but the two guys that are still in competition with me will be just a bit closer.

Worst of all?? I am also in a pick'em league that you pick one team each week and get strikes when they lose. Well, I picked Philly to beat Oakland and got my first strike this week. The only good thing about that is that EVERYONE in the thing picked everyone got a strike. Only one more strike and I'm out!!!

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