Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fantasy Week Five...

So today saw the majority of the NFL games, obviously.

My five teams all had the majority of their players play today, and the majority of my opponents had players going today. The Jets-Dolphins game tomorrow didn't seem to have a ton of players for either myself or my opponents this week.

So, as of right now, here's what's going on for me this week:

In the Private League that I am running two teams in, my "other" team has won it's matchup by a score of 83-71. This was a big win for me because I was slated to get beat 71-62. So behind Larry Fitzgerald, Cedric Benson, and the Vikings defense I put up another win in that league. The win brings that team to 4-1 and in what will effectively be a tie for second place. It looks like the leader in that league is going to pull out another win and go to 5-0...but if something odd happens then I COULD be tied for first.

In that same private league, MY team currently leads 70-63. However, each of us has one player left to play tomorrow, with me having the receiver from the Jets, Jericho Cothery, and my opponent having Miami's running back Ronnie Brown. Cothery is slated to get 3 points and Brown that one could end up being a loss. I took a chance with that team this week and picked up Jacksonville's defense...which netted me -3 points as the Jags got blown out by the Seahawks 41-0. So had I left my OLD defense in there (which ironically WAS Seattle) I would probalby be up by a pretty solid margin. So right now that team is 2-2 and the win or loss is still up in the air.

In my other private league, my opponent has the Jets tight end Dustin Keller playing tomorrow, and I don't have anyone left. Now, I don't want to count my chickens before they are hatched, but Keller's going to need 45 points to tie me...because I currently lead 104-59. So I'm going to go ahead and count that one as a win right now, and I'll be climbing to 3-2 in that league. That will put me in a three way tie for second place in the league, with the first place team being 5-0.

In one of my Yahoo Public leagues, I am done playing for the week. My opponent has two players going at it tomorrow, one being that Jets tight end Dustin Keller, and the other being Jets newcomer this week Braylon Edwards. Those two are slated to get about 11 points. I currently lead by 30.3 points. Now, stranger things have happened, but I'm liking my chances in that game pretty well. With a win I will climb to 5-0 and effectively stay in a tie for first...but I believe I'll be in second because I'll have less points. The other undefeated team in that league and I keep flip-flopping back and forth for who is actually in first. It probably won't be settled until we actually play each other.

In my other Yahoo Public league, the games are all done. I have won 92-84. I didn't come anywhere near my projected points for the week, but hey, a win is a win, right??? So with that win I will climb to 4-1 in the league which will be good for a three way tie for first place!!!

So, all in all this week has been pretty successful, even if I manage to lose that one game in the private league. It looks like, barring anything insane, I'll go 4-1 this week and bring my overall records to the following:

That's good for a total record on the season through five weeks of the season of 18-7, or a .720 win percentage. Not very bad. If I could get a bit more consistent play out of my players in the league that I'm not doing the greatest in (the 2-3 team) I would be sitting pretty solid for the rest of the season.

I also took over first place in my NFL Pick'em league today. On the heels of a pretty good day picking, I took over first place...but not only took it over, I smashed the guy that was in first. I lead by 20 points now with a chance to add 8 tomorrow, and he can only get 1 tomorrow. So no matter what I'll end up leading by at least 19 points.

All in all, it was a really good day for me when it comes to fantasy football!!!

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