Sunday, November 1, 2009

So It's Been a Few Weeks...

...since I last updated about Fantasy Football.

To be quite honest, that's because last week was a really bad week for me as far as the leagues went.

I lost in my first private league to drop to 3-4, and fall into sixth place.

In my second private league, MY team lost it's third in a row to fall to 2-5 and 18th place. My OTHER team won to climb to 5-2 and second place.

In my first public league I lost to fall to 5-2 and I'm in a four way tie for first place.

In my second public league I won to climb to 6-1 and I'm still in second place.

That means that last week I was 2-3...not really a very good week.

So after seven weeks, I am a combined total of:
21-14, not really that great, but not really that bad either.

Also last week in my Pick'em league I pushed my lead to 21 points. I didn't get the most points of the week, but the guy that did missed making picks a few weeks ago so he's so far behind it doesn't really even matter.

This week has been a bit of a different story. So far it's been a pretty good week, overall. Of course there is a game tomorrow, but I don't think it should hurt me TOO much overall.

In my first private league I lead by 41 points. He still has Drew Brees and Michael Turner to play, who can put up a ton of points, but I have Pierre Thomas who can also put up some good numbers. I'm thinking I've got about a 60% chance of winning this one, which would push me to 4-4 in that league.

In my second private league, MY team is getting beat 43-21. However, I still have Drew Brees, Roddy White, and Jason Elam to play. They are projected to get 43 points. He still has New Orleans' defense, which is projected to get 10 points. If the players all get close to their projections, I'll win by a few points and climb to 3-5. My OTHER team is in a good game...I lead by three with Jeremy Shockey left to play. He's got Mike Bell and John Carney to play. If they get their projections, I'll lose...which will drop me to 5-3.

In my first public league I have won 96-40. That will pull me up to 6-2, and I will remain in a tie for first place, but one of the four teams will end up falling out of the tie because two of them are playing each other. So it will probably be a three way tie at 6-2.

In my other public league I lead 110-91. I still have Marques Colston to play and he is that is another win that will push me up to 7-1 and at worst in second place. The guy that is in first is losing, so I could be tied for first after the game tomorrow night.

So, I'm guaranteed two wins. I'm ahead by a large amount in one leauge, which should be my third win this week. I'm within striking distance in another league, which should give me four...and then one I should lose which should make me 4-1 this week. Of course, I COULD lose all three of those games that are still up in the air...but I could win them, too.

Also, in the Pick'em league I have padded my lead even more. I have pushed my lead to 24 points. The guys in second and third place keep flip-flopping back and forth every week, but they haven't seemed to be able to close on me very much. They both have a better win-loss pick record, but they aren't doing as well placing those confidence points.

Looks all around like it's going to be a better week...I guess we'll see after that game tomorrow night!!

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