Sunday, November 15, 2009


So the Colts came back...from down 17 beat the Patriots tonight in an absolutely epic game between the two best teams of the past decade.

They went into the game tonight with the Colts having 109 regular season wins and the Patriots sitting at 108 regular season wins.

The Colts trailed early in the 4th quarter by 17 points. The Colts then proceeded to outscore the Patriots 21-3 in the next 14 minutes to come out with a last second TD catch (and an AMAZING one at that) by Reggie Wayne to secure a 35-34 win.

The key moment?? Coach Belicheat deciding that his defense wasn't going to be able to stop the Colts and going for it on fourth and two. A good call by the official put the ball short of the first down marker and gave Peyton Manning the ball on the Patriots 29 yard line with two minutes left and down by six. I'll tell you what. Peyton Manning will take that chance EVERY TIME...and 99% of the time he will assassinate you and make you pay. And it happened again tonight.

Did Belicheat not have any confidence in his defense?? Did he think that his offense was so unstoppable that it was a given that they'd get the two yards?? We might not ever know, but the bottom line is the Colts have now won 18 straight regular season games, and come out of week ten with a 9-0 record.


Go Colts!!!

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