Monday, November 30, 2009

Not too Shabby Fantasy Week So Far...

So after a couple of rough weeks, this one is shaping up to be not so bad. I lost some games, but I was projected to get beaten in every single game, so that's not bad if you ask me.

In my first private league I am up 136-114 with one guy to play on my team. He's finished. So that takes me to 6-6 in that league and into third place at worst. The guy in second is losing though, and if he loses we'll have a three way tie for second.

In my second private league, my team won to go to 5-7. Oddly enough I'm STILL not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in that league. My other team lost thanks to Cedric Benson not playing to drop to 8-4. I am still looking very good for the playoffs with that team, but probably won't clinch this week.

In my first public league I am leading by 24 points, but he's got a couple of guys left to of which is Drew Brees, so that one is still up in the air. A win would take me to 7-5...a loss to 6-6. A loss will probably put me into the consolation round only...a win puts me in good position for the playoffs.

In my other public league I have lost to drop me to 9-3...the good news, it looks like the guy I was tied for first with will also lose to drop to 8-3, which will force a three way tie for first place. If one of the two 6-5 teams in that league lose then the top four teams will all clinch playoff spots. Then we'll just be battling for seeding.

My Pick'em league went pretty well. I had a 21 point lead going into the second half of games this week, but lost that quickly due to losses by Jacksonville and Arizona. However, the guy in second place can only at best gain two points on me overall, which would still lead me with an 8 point lead. However, I think we both have the same team picked for tomorrow night, which means that I should still have a 9 point lead. I also distanced myself from the guy in third even more. I believe that I'll be about 50 points ahead of him...which mainly means that I'm fighting with only the guy in second for the gold. Should be an interesting run to end the season!!

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