Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ANOTHER Rough Fantasy Week...

I would really like it if I could put together two solid weeks in FFL, but I'm just not having any luck doing that.

In my first private league I lost. That drops me to 5-6. Oddly enough, however, I think I actually moved UP one position into third place. That league is all out of whack because the leader is 11-0 and there's only 8 teams, so second place is a 6-5 team and then the rest of us are all below .500.

In my second private league, with my first team I won to climb to 4-7 and into 15th place. I'm out of the playoffs in that league, however, so it doesn't really matter. With my second team I also won, to go to 8-3 and stay solidly in second place. With a win or a tie next weekend I should be able to clinch a playoff spot. I may actually even be able to clinch with a loss if some other teams lose, but let's not have that...let's just win and get it over with.

In my first public league I lost my third straight game to drop to 6-5 and into 5th place. I have a game next week against a guy that I'm pretty sure has stopped playing, so hopefully my slide will end then and I'll get into good position to make the playoffs.

In my second public league I also lost, dropping me to 9-2 and into second place again because the other guy at 9-2 has six more points than me. I'm fairly certain that I've got a lock on a playoff spot in the league, but I haven't officially clinched yet.

So that makes me 2-3 on the week...which seems to be about what I've been doing for the last 6 weeks. It also brings my season record to: 32-23, which isn't really very good. That's a .581 winning percentage...luckily I'm looking pretty good for the playoffs in at least two of the leagues, and probably one more. I'm only really completely out of it in one league, so I could end up making the playoffs in four different leagues.

In my Pick'em League I held my lead...however, what was a 20-something point lead just a few weeks ago is now only 10 points. The guy that is currently in second has picked up 17 points on me in the last three weeks, so it's time to get back on point with that. This week three of us tied with 98 points...and I'm now 40 points ahead of the third place guy so he's falling farther and farther behind.

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