Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a Breakfast...

So Cathy and I had today off. Her brother, Nick, was going to be in Ann Arbor for the weekend to watch the Michigan Wolverine game, and he wanted us to come to Ann Arbor with Cathy's dad for brunch.

So we took the day off and headed to Ann Arbor to go to this place called Angelo's.

When we first pulled onto the street that the restaurant was located on, we noticed what appeared to be a mob of people just standing down on the corner. It turns out that was the group waiting to get inside.

We made our way to Nick and he already had his name in...the wait was supposed to be an hour. We waited for right about that long and got inside. We were seated at a tiny little booth that seemed like it didn't really even have room for the four of us and plates. We made our orders and waited a little while for the food to come.

Cathy, Nick, and I all had homemade French toast. Cathy's dad had some corned beef hash. The French toast was great. It was the thickest bread I think I've ever seen, and there was literally a ton of it. I had tried to order sausage to go with mine, but they were all out so I had bacon instead. It was really good, too.

Nick ended up treating us all, which was really nice of him. I thought the food was great. It might not really have been worth an hour long wait, but it was gorgeous outside so it didn't really feel like it was that long.

I'd like to try and go back there one day during the week, to see if the wait is as much and to try some of their other things. Their menu had lots of stuff that sounded good on it.

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