Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alpha Coney Island...

I know I've made a post about food already this week, but this one needs to be mentioned as well.

In the Jackson Crossing mall is a little place called Alpha Coney Island. I have lived down here for over two years now and never went in there...even though I like hot dogs and Coney Dogs. I guess I just figured that Cathy didn't like them.

Well, I heard on the radio yesterday that they had moved to a new location in the mall, so I wanted to try it out. Cathy and I went there today, and to my surprise it was much different than I thought.

I had originally figured it would be a fast food place...but it's not, it's a sit down restaurant.

The new location is awesome. It's stylish, the atmosphere is nice, the menu is large, and the overall place seems really cool.

Then there's the food. Cathy had some chicken kabobs and I had two hot dogs and a Supreme Coney Dog. Amazing. We got a ton of food for not a ton of money, and all of it was really, REALLY good.

I can't believe I hadn't tried this place before. It will now be added to our rotation of restaurants that we go to...and it's price and location probably will make it be one that we go to often.

I'm glad they moved...because I might not ever have gone in had they not.

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