Sunday, November 15, 2009

Looking Like Another Mediocre Fantasy Week...

In my first public league I have won 111-92. Neither of us have any players left so the game is done. That will take me to 5-5 in that league which will put me solidly in third place. I'm in good position in that league to make a run at the playoffs.

In my other public league, I actually lost both games. Neither of the games were even really close. That will drop me to 3-7 with one of the teams and probably in 18th place. The other team will drop to 7-3 and will remain in second place. I'm still in good position to make a playoff run with that team, as well.

In my first public league I got absolutely hammered. I lost by nearly 40 points. That drops me to 6-4 in that league and in a tie for fourth place. That league is up in the air. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make a playoff run or not. I still have some time left to put some wins together, though.

In my last public league, I dominated my opponent by 60 points. He still has Ray Rice to play tomorrow, but there is no way that Rice gets 60 points so that game is done. That puts me at 9-1...and best of all, the other guy that had one lost got smashed this week, so I'm now all alone in first place in that league!!!

So, all in all it was another mediocre week. I can't seem to put together two really good weeks in a row at all. I went 2-3 this week.

After this week, I am now 30-20 through 10 weeks of the season. Not too bad, but it could be better.

I also made a SNAFU in my Pick'Em league. I forgot the game on Thursday night started at 8, and I didn't get my pick for that game in on time. There were also quite a few upsets this week, so I was 7-6 today. Luckily most of the guys in the league all had VERY similar picks, so I didn't really lose much as far as points go.

After today, in the Pick'Em league I will have a 10 point lead over the second place guy. I think he can gain two points on me tomorrow, but we both probably have Baltimore picked, so he'll get no closer than 8 points. The third place guy is down by 32. The fourth place guy is down by 87.

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