Monday, November 2, 2009

WHOA!!! What a Finish!!!

So, in my first private league I ended up holding onto my lead and winning 121-100. That brings my record in that league to 4-4. That should move me into fourth place in that league, which puts me into prime position for midway through the season.

In my second private league, MY team came back to win by a final score of 68-58. That brings me to 3-5 and breaks a three game losing streak. That should move me into 16th place...but hey, a win is a win!!!

My OTHER team in that league led 50-47 going into the game tonight, and somehow held on for a 57-54 win. That brings me to a 6-2 record with that team and keeps me holding on strong to second place.

In my first public league, I won by over 55 points to climb to 6-2 and stay in a three way tie for first place.

In my second public league, I won by 35 points to climb to 7-1. The big news in that league, however, is that the guy in first place FINALLY lost today, so him and I are now tied for first place in the league.

So, after a down week last week, I ended up going a good strong 5-0 this week. That takes my overall record to 26-14 through 8 weeks. That's not too bad.

I also hold strong at 23 points ahead in the Pick'em league after this weeks games. So that's looking pretty good right now, too.

So, all in all it was a GREAT week for FFL for me!!!

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