Friday, August 20, 2010

A Bit Disappointed

Well, my puppet didn't end up selling. I had what I thought was a promising lead near the end but the customer decided they would rather have a different color puppet. I was okay with that. The customer told me they would contact me today to work out the details of a custom puppet.

Well, I never heard from them today. I don't know if the price that I threw out there scared them off or if they decided to go another route altogether.

Either way, it's a disappointing for him not sell...especially considering I think he's an amazing example of my puppets.

Oh well, he's listed on Ebay again now, with a bit different price points. A lower starting bid and a lower Buy it Now will hopefully entice someone to give him a new home. I also have come up with a new bonus for using Buy it Now. Now you can still get the accessories or I can add legs to your puppet for no charge.

I also have a puppet store on Etsy now. Etsy is a site that is kind of like Ebay only it's designed for selling handmade things at fixed prices. I have a Dart listed there for $55 right now.

Hopefully one of them will sell.

On a better note, I am 2/3 of the way finished with the order for my first customer. All 13 arm rods are done and the first of the two puppets is finished. I will be able to finish the other one in the next few days and hopefully by the middle of next week I'll be able to ship the order out.

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