Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tonight I got a great e-mail.

The gentleman that bought Dart on Ebay wants another Dart for his daughter. And he wants a Paddy for himself. And he wants 11 extra arm rods.

Basically, that one $33 sale on Ebay that was my first puppet has resulted in a fairly large order being placed.

I have proposed a price of $155 including shipping for the entire order. I didn't realize at first that he wanted two more puppets. I thought he only wanted one and the 11 arm rods, so I suggest $100 shipped for that and he said that was fine. I haven't heard back from him on the $155 price point, but I think he'll be okay with that.

Another thing that made me really happy was that the buyer thought that the sale price that he got Dart for was much too low for the quality that he is. He said that he wouldn't hesitate to pay $65 for Dart with legs...and that is about what I was hoping to be able to sell them regularly my idea for my price works out pretty well with what a customer thinks.

He said that he likes them because they are extremely full of personality and they come in at under $100 which he said is important.

Basically, he really loved the puppet...and that makes me extremely happy.

I went ahead and ordered a couple of other colors of fleece tonight. If I hear back from him soon, I will be able to get started on making them as soon as the fabric arrives...and then I'll have three puppets sold!!!!

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