Sunday, August 1, 2010

No Sales Luck, Yet...

It's been a couple of days, and my puppet hasn't sold yet.

It's had about 40 views, and it has three people watching it. The best lead, however, might have come tonight. I got a question from a buyer who said he would be interested in purchasing it, and paying a bit extra, if there was any way that legs could be added to the puppet.

I let him know that for an extra $8 on top of the final price of the puppet I could add two legs to it that would match the material that his body is made from.

Hopefully that is a fair price, and who knows, maybe the buyer will snatch him up at the Buy it Now of $45 and add the $8 for the legs.

I guess having the legs option should have been something that I had all along. I guess I never thought that legs would look that great on the design, but after looking at it closely and seeing where they will be mounted, I think it will look pretty good.

The nice thing about having the leg option is that, like the nicer body option, it's something that can be attached to many of the patterns that are available out there. I already have two different heads that will work with the body and the legs that are "optional."

In fact, I've got a head finished in one of the other styles...and I'll be making a body for it soon...and I think everyone will like it!!!

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