Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My First Puppet Sold!!

My puppet sold on Ebay today. It had a bid put on it with about 2 hours left.

It only sold for $25, so I'm a little bit disappointed by that. On the plus side, the guy that bought it did put in two bids, so he obviously felt that it was worth more than $25 and his bid limit must have been higher than the $25...unfortunately, nobody else ended up bidding so it sold for $25.

The person that bought him is the person that contacted me about adding legs. So I'll be making up some legs tomorrow and adding them to the body, which will get me another $8 for the puppet. So the total of the sale will really be about $33...which isn't too bad.

I wish some other people would have bid on him. I think part of the problem was my hosting. It was really spotty with the images showing it's possible that quite a few people viewed the auction but didn't see any good pictures at all. So the next one that I try to sell will be put up with an Auctiva auction so that photos and videos show up in a very professional looking fashion.

Like I said, I'm a bit disappointed that he only sold for $25...but for a first sale, it's not too bad. I have fun making them regardless. I will be listing another one that is very similar soon, but I'm thinking about maybe selling it as a "package" with the stand and two arm rods and putting a bit higher Buy it Now on it and seeing if it ends up selling.

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Doug said...

Congratulations on your first puppet sale and cutting expenses.