Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some New Puppets...

Even though I've been making puppets, that hasn't stopped me from looking at others to collect and buying some really cool ones that I find.

I found one good one a few weeks ago and put it on my Watch List on Ebay. Unfortunately, about two days later the auction was canceled. I contacted the seller to see if they were going to relist it, and she contacted me to let me know that she was but with a Buy it Now. I waited a few more days and finally found it again, with a Buy it Now that I felt was more than fair. The price of $75 included free Priority Mail shipping.

A few days later, a HUGE package arrived at the house. A quick check of the postage showed a price of $ my free shipping ended up being over 1/3rd of the price of the product.

When I opened it, I almost felt bad that I had gotten it for such a good price. The builder had spent quite a bit of time and effort putting together this wonderful puppet. I love it.

His name is Sigfried.

He's made of fleece, foam, that awesome pink and purple fur, and some feather boas. His craftsmanship is great, and I think he's got LOADS of personality.

The lady that sold him to me told me that she had to pack him up at night, because her kids were upset that she had sold him. But not to worry, she was busy working on a new puppet for them to enjoy.

All in all, I think that Sigfried was a great purchase. He's unique, cool, and fits into my collection well.

Also, as many of you know, I have a puppet from Luna's Puppets as well. I think Kevin does great work, as Medium Pip is an amazing puppet. I check his Ebay quite often to see if he's got anything for sale on there, and he had a couple of new puppets that weren't on his site before listed. One was Mars, a space mutant. I contacted Kevin to ask him a bit about Mars, and he mentioned that it was a VERY difficult puppet to build so he didn't think he was going to be making any more of him. Of course, I had to place a bid.

I ended up winning the auction, and as I type this Mars is on his way to his new home in Michigan. He's got blinking eyes, and some really cool looking skin. He'll be a perfect addition to Medium Pip. I still plan on getting a Lenord from Luna's one of these days...maybe some time this fall...or maybe for Christmas.

Anyways, here's a picture of Mars.

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