Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tonight I completed the entire sale of my first puppet. I finished the legs according to the customer's request, got them attached to the puppet, and then let the customer know.

He responded quickly thanking me and sent me the payment. All total it was a payment of $41 for the puppet, the additional legs, and the shipping.

Not too bad. I still would have liked to get some more out of the puppet, but for a first sale I don't think it's too shabby.

I have been speaking with a professional puppet builder via e-mail and he has been giving me some tips. I think that in the future I will add legs to a puppet for anyone that asks, but the cost will be higher. I'm thinking more like $15 to add legs.

I also may really think about including a stand with my next puppet and adding a bit to the price of the Buy it Now and the starting price. Stands are easy for me to make, but they are really nice, and including one with the puppet would complete a "package" for the puppet. The customer would get the puppet, the arm rod, and the stand all for their Buy it Now price.

I'm not sure on that yet, but it's an idea that I'm thinking about. I am also entertaining the idea of including the stand with the Buy it Now ONLY. Basically, a nice incentive for someone to use Buy it Now. As soon as there is a bid and the Buy it Now goes away, then the stand would need to be purchased separately.

Overall, I'm really happy to have gotten the first puppet sold. It's a good confidence booster. Now, I just await the feedback from the customer. I'm nervous that maybe he won't like it as much as I hope...but time will tell on that.

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