Friday, August 13, 2010

Stan Lee's Superhumans...

So I watched a show on History Channel tonight called "Stan Lee's Superhumans." It's about a guy, who just so happens to be the World's Most Flexible Man, goes out and finds people that have...well...superhuman abilities.

The show tonight was great. First we met a guy that I've seen on History before, who has the fastest trigger finger in the world. Let's just put it this way...the guy got two shots off out of a single action revolver so quickly that you only heard one shot. Less than 1/10th of a second between the two shots. Next, we met the world record holder for saunas. He easily withstood temperatures that would cause other humans to burn. After that, we met a Shaolin Monk who was just amazing. They broke large sticks all over his body and he was unfazed. He then demonstrated his power when he punched. The finale was a "One Inch Punch," made famous by Bruce Lee. When it was done, his one inch punch generated enough power on the crash test dummy that they were using, that if a car allowed that much force to transfer to a body, the car wouldn't be allowed to be sold by the NHTSA. Crazy. The final guy was a high diver that jumped from 35 feet up into a 12 inch tub of water. When he lands, he feels four tons of force. Amazing.

The show was pretty impressive, and I'll definitely have to try and catch it again.

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