Saturday, September 17, 2011

1/8th Scale Buggy...

Well, the RC vehicle that I've really wanted since I started getting into this hobby earlier this year was a 1/8th scale buggy. They look cool. They are big. They are heavy. They are fast.

I pretty much became obsessed with them the first time I went to Dirt Burners and watched all the 1/8th trucks literally tear up the track. Nothing could touch them.

So I finally went ahead and got one.

It's an XTM XT2e and it's ready to run other than batteries.

It's got a nice motor in it, a very nice ESC, is 4wd, and is said to have a top speed of about 45 MPH...but it gets there in about 2 seconds.

It comes with a pretty nice radio system, as well, but I won't be using that because I already have a pretty nice radio system. So I'll be able to throw that radio up on Ebay pretty much as soon as I get it and get some of the money back that I spent on the buggy.

I also ordered the batteries for it and some other things for my other trucks...hopefully things will start showing up early next week!!!

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