Friday, September 30, 2011

To The Track!!!!

Today Alex, Jason, and I made plans to go to the race track with our trucks this next week.

We'll be going on Tuesday, and we'll either be heading to the track in Lansing if the weather is good, or to Dirt Burners in Livonia if the weather is bad.

I basically told them that I would rather go to the free track as long as the weather allows...because we'll be able to go to Dirt Burners indoor track all winter long when we want, so we may as well take advantage of the other track while it's still nice enough outside to do so.

I think I'll be taking my new buggy and my monster truck with me, along with the 4 wheel drive Tamiya buggy.

My 1/10th buggy and my stadium truck are both set up to run on the clay at Dirt Burners, so I'd rather not put them out on the different type of surface to make sure the tires are still in good shape when I do eventually make it to Dirt Burners.

I'm really wanting to run the new 1/8th scale truck to see what it can do. I know it's fast, and I know it's quick...but I really want to see it do some jumping!!!

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