Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's About That Time Again...

Like is customary about this time of the month...I can't believe it's already October!!!!

There's a few things that will be going on this month for me.

First of all, on the 9th we switch days off from Tuesday and Wednesday to Monday and Tuesday. That means, that I now have Mondays off for Monday Night Football!! To kind of celebrate that, on the 10th a bunch of us will be meeting up to go to Rocky Top to watch the game and play MNF Bingo, a game that they play there during the game.

After that, it's smooth sailing until the 31st...which is both Halloween, and our Anniversary!!!

I've got a few gifts planned for Cathy, and to follow that up the next day (November 1st) is her I'll have some things going on for that as well. Lucky for us, we have both of those days off already!!! So we don't even need any leave to enjoy the days without work!!!

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